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A selection of school and side projects.

Time / space interface

Master 1 | illustrator, photoshop


My subject is articulated around sport and savoir-faire transmission through IOT. I based my work on the learner/teacher approach.
This interface is the end result of a centered plan on a connected clothe giving back the gestures and a software rendering it on a screen.


A school project was proposed during our first year. As a two-person team, we imagined a brand-new mobile version, based on the website at that given moment (archive).
We dived in more specifically on the tree view and the wireframes.

Robot Rise

Bachelor’s degree | scratch, illustrator, photoshop


Tutored project realised for the event 'Internet Solidaire' 2015 from Fontenay-sous-Bois (Paris area).
The event moto was 'Learn to learn' and we were responsible for the 'Learn to code' workshop.
I was part of a team of 4, of which I was the Project Manager. We decided quickly to create a game. I was in charge of the graphics, creating the story of the game and sometimes, help to integrate the levels into Scratch.
Test our game straight on Scratch !

Edit : Google released a few year ago something similar about playful coding learning.

Various graphical works

Two-year degree | illustrator, photoshop


I gathered here some of my creations I realised on that period. You will find both school and personal works.

Next project.