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Helping workers through Big Data to decrease their psychological workload.

2021 - 2022
UX/UI · lead

In order not to cause harm to the client. I avoided sensible information in this debriefing,
those information are only mine and may not reflect the client's view.

  1. The industrialisation added a lot of new features and made easier the existing ones.
  2. After meeting and testing with the users, we (UX and PPO) took the decision to renew the former design and user experience.
    Keeping the old one would have been too restrictive with all the innovations implemented.
  3. I followed the elements in the design system, and if necessary, created my proper graphical components. We still had freedom to pick the color, styles and so on regarding the context of the project.
  4. Added some accessibility in my design.

I was in the dark with the scoping stage and finally I got out quite happy of the end result. It was intense but enlightening.
With the staffing problem, the scoping stage was extended (from 3 to 5 weeks), enabling me to make progress on the sprint 0.
Those are the main phases of the coping stage :
- Analyse the existing one (existing journeys, persona, interviews, user tests)
- Target vision (target user journey)
- get ready for the build stage (wireframes, tests, mockups).

The design system helped me to upgrade my skills, for instance with the use of grid or the way to manage the design system.

We succeeded in making a product while working mainly remotely and being part of different companies.

Having someone specialized in front development enabled to integrate well the pages. We talked a lot to improve the product, we made some adaptations on the tablet version, used by the main users, for example the field completion with the keyboard taking half the space, the 1280px resolution (zoom x1,5).


Paper, Figma (wireframes, mockups, prototype, user tests, comments, integration), Miro (personas, user journeys), Teams/Slack (communication).


Personas, user journeys, wireframes, mockups.

Next project.