Updating an internal application to manage and monitor youngsters with winding path.

2020 | UX/UI · lead

In order not to cause harm to the client. I avoided sensible information in this debriefing,
those information are only mine and may not reflect the client's view.

Project done during the covid crisis and was realised mainly remotely.

overview of the new interface and the old one

To the left, the new design. To the right, the former design, from 2000.




picture of the main journey
picture of the secondary journey

Final look from the first journeys that had to be sketched.


  1. Using a dashboard view, giving consistency (presentation and navigation) across all pages.
  2. Make it simple, to make the journeys easier.
  3. Concerning WCAG, I have asked for help to certified co-workers in order to learn more about accessibility.
    I have learned things on navigation, contrast or readability.
  4. An important item of my work was to put the young at the center of the website. What I did was to create a page where we could find all the information about each of them, with synthetic information. The same as been made for the referent following the children.
  5. Test. We tested with 9 users on 9 specific journeys thanks to Marvel and live beta testing with 25 other users. Results were good for both methods. Concerning testing, a mark of 7,8 out of 10 for the new version (6,6 for the old one). As for the beta, the users recommend at 4 out of 5 the website to a co-worker.
live beta testing picture
screenshot of the Marvel test

To the left, a picture of the beta testing. To the right, a Marvel screenshot about tests.


What was new to me was to meet the WCAG standards to create my interfaces. I browsed online and ask for help to my certified co-worker to learn more about it. It gave me the opportunity to grow and to change my vision about my work to include more users. I'll definitely use that on my next projects.

My second lesson was to discover new agile methods, such as PI planning. It helps me see clearly what I had to do in the next sprints. It was a good way to manage 30+ people on the project and give a clear vision to everyone.

From my viewpoint, integration was the major problem, there were no front-end developer meaning that the back-end developers had to do the front themselves, leading to a hazardous result.


Sketch (mockups), Marvel (prototype and user test) and Zeplin (front-end handover).


A journey in wireframe, others in UI; a UI kit; the user tests.

paper sketching
UI kit extract

On the left, a picture of paper sketches. On the right, an extract of the UI kit.

Industry | UX · lead

Revamping a management app about raw material supplies.